Absolutely Silly Old Buggers

A musical celebration

After almost three years in development, with workshops and trial audiences, this show had its premier on 14th April, 2009 at Swiss House, 89 Flinders Lane, Melbourne as part of

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009

With a cast of four — two men, two women — and filled with songs and laughter, it is a light-hearted and positive look at growing old.

Fight for youir rights!



From the very first performance

Absolutely Silly Old Buggers

was a success. The first preview audience LOVED IT! They applauded, they laughed and they talked about it in the downstairs bar afterwards.

Let’s party!

Every night there was someone who waited back to congratulate a particular cast member or to ask about where the show was going to be seen next.

Members of the theatre industry came to see the show at the Comedy Festival and here’s what some of them said:

“Absolutely Silly Old Buggers is a delicious look at aging. A warm, poignant and very amusing blend of songs and pithy dialogue performed by a talented cast. I highly recommend the show for all age groups!”
Alan Fletcher, ‘Neighbours’ actor

“I loved Silly Old Buggers, found it very entertaining, the writing, performing, music etc. was right on.”
John Gauci, Producer/Director

“Absolutely Silly Old Buggers was thoroughly entertaining with clever and very funny lyrics. It obviously makes connection with its audience who clearly enjoyed it.”
Alan Hopgood, Writer/Actor

“****ing Brilliant........S.O.B.”
Stefan Dennis, Actor