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Margaret Haggart



You’d almost think the role of Chloris was based on Maggie herself – and you wouldn’t be far wrong! Chloris was originally a glamorous beautician who had fallen on hard times. But when Maggie began to read the role at the first workshop of the play, it became obvious: Chloris would have to become an opera singer – just like Maggie.

Currently singing with Melbourne Opera and on the Board of Management, Ms Margaret Haggart’s repertoire has included the roles of Madame Butterfly, Lady Macbeth, Rosalinda (Der Fledermaus) Gilda (Rigoletto), Queen of the Night (Magic Flute), Woglinde (The Ring) etc. etc. … the list goes on and on. She has sung for opera companies and in opera houses world wide:

Covent Garden, The Met, Paris Opera, La Scala, etc. etc. and, of course, Sydney Opera House.

She says she loves playing ‘the bitches’ in opera but there’s no doubt she’s having a ball playing Chloris – who’s not a bitch, just – well – an opera singer!

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Roger Howell



Maggie passed the script over to Roger who read the part of Paul, the truck-driver and said,

“That’s MY role!”

A truck-driver Roger is not – like Maggie, he’s an opera singer but seeing him as Paul on stage you’d hardly believe he’s played the dramatic title roles of Macbeth and Rigoletto. Like Maggie, his repertoire is too long to list completely; he has sung with all major Australian companies and has sung leading baritone roles all over the world: in Germany, England, New York, etc. etc.

Perhaps, secretly, Roger has always wanted to get out on the open road and drive big trucks. He has brought to Paul’s character an outspoken irreverence and down-to-earth attitude which revels in jollying poor old Martin out of his worries – real or imagined.

And his love and concern for Helen is obvious.

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Les Terrill



“How would you like it,” complained Les, “if someone asked you to play a silly old bugger?”

Not only a silly old bugger but one who’s a bit of a stick-in-the-mud and a hypochondriac who’s losing his sense of humour. The role is almost too much for him to bear – but he copes. And he makes Martin a very lovable old bugger – one we can all understand and sympathise with.

In real life Les is nothing like Martin. He’s played a wide range of characters in both ‘straight’ and music theatre: Iago (Othello), Sir Thomas Moore (A Man for all Seasons), Fagin (Oliver!) Tevye (Fiddler on the Roof), King Arthur (Camelot) etc. etc. He has directed for Community Theatre for many years and has had numerous appearances in film and television.

In another part of his life, Les worked as a consultant, encouraging and advising small business in Victoria. Now, in his spare time (!) he’s teaching English and life skills to young Sudanese and Karen refugees.

helen image

Jan Russ



Jan is very excited to be getting back on stage again and we are more than excited to give her the opportunity.

For twenty-five years she was at Grundy’s (now Fremantle Media) where, as casting director of Neighbours, she ‘discovered’ and promoted young Australian talent including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Russel Crowe, Natalie Imbruglia, to name just a few.

In another life – BG (before Grundy’s) she was singing, dancing and performing with J. C. Williamson and Aztec Services touring Australian and New Zealand with such shows as Oliver, Man of La Mancha, Charlie Girl, Fiddler on the Roof, Godspell, etc. etc.

Now she is delighted to be playing Helen, retired principal of a private girls’ school and a “lady” – or she was until about four years ago, when she met Paul on top of the Eiffel Tower. They fell in love, travelled around Europe together and have been inseparable ever since.

Helen still tries to be a lady but with Paul around it’s not easy.

Which one is closer to the real Jan? We’re not quite sure.