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Conrad Wadds – Web Designer

Conrad is yet another family member who has put his skills to work contributing to the development of Absolutely Silly Old Buggers. He is the first to admit that he is NOT a Web Designer - he is a Systems Admininstrator. However, he has always said he likes a challenge, so when he was asked if he could possibly design a website which would include, video, audio, photographs and mail box – how could he refuse? The result is all we could wish for and included a bonus slide-show as well!

Conrad has earned the grateful thanks of all the Absolutely Silly Old Buggers in the show and when (if?) we make lots of money, he’ll definitely be paid!

Rob Mancini (Evergreen Design & Visual Solutions) – Logo Designer

Rob and Gillian were neighbours way back about 25 years ago and although not in regular communication, they have always kept in touch. When a Graphic Artist was needed, Rob was the man she (or actually, husband Geoff) thought of. Rob readily agreed to do the logo for us and we quickly found we were on the same wavelength. We have Rob to thank for the ‘silly old chooks’ logo and we love it! Thanks, Rob.

Evergreen also designed the posters and brochures and arranged for their printing. We couldn’t possibly have had better people to help and advise us and a lot of the success of our marketing and publicity is due to having such outstanding designs.

“Evergreen” consists of Rob and his partner, Terttu, and they offer full graphic services: illustration, design, layout, typesetting and production of all types of books and promotional material. They can provide back up and support service on projects from scratch or provide individual components such as illustration and general graphics.

Absolutely Silly Old Buggers can highly recommend Evergreen for any design job and for friendly, co-operative and efficient service.

You can contact Rob at +61 3 9391 4052 or

Andrew Singer — Captain of Titanic Entertainments, Williamstown.

Gillian worked for Andrew as Writer/Director for seven years and (amazingly!) they are still very good friends. In a mutually supportive arrangement, Andrew is publicising and promoting Absolutely Silly Old Buggers to his audience every Saturday night and we are proud to support and promote the amazing and totally unique:

The Last Dinner on the Titanic

The Captain and the crew invite you “aboard” Titanic, the only place where your night is guaranteed to be a disaster!

Survival is guaranteed and so is a good time!

Check out the website:

Titanic Logo