What’s it about?

It’s about a bunch of baby-boomers who reckon…

Four SOB's Celebrate Life

life is meant for living!

And that’s what they’re going to keep on doing until they drop.

Sure, they have to deal with stuff: doctors, pensions, wrinkles — you name it — but that’s what music and laughter are for, right?

Chloris was an opera singer,

Paul a truck driver,

Martin was a merchant banker and

Helen a school principal.

You‘re Never Too Old         Life‘s Good

Put them together as they arrive at ‘a certain age’

and you have four silly old buggers determined to have fun.

There are lots of songs set to familiar and well-loved tunes

with new and hilarious lyrics Songs like:

“Fight for your rights, don’t let the bastards win!” and

“Family skeletons”.

Who says getting older is a problem? No grumpy old people here!

Just songs and celebration.